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his plans for the city. more to this victory came in the early hours this morning. gray defeated adrian fenty. this afternoon the d.c. council chair told suppters, it is time to come together aone city and one of his goals in the coming weeks will be to reach out to all the city residents. >> i'm going to spend the next seven wes during the period between the primary and the general election reaching out to the voters. especially those people who may not have voted for us. going across the city, we'll probably do a series of town hall meetings. >> i believe in civic participation. i believe in giving back to the community. certainly, not in big highly public role but in a way that can help my community, help the government, help out people who need a helping hand. >> gray announced a new website to disseminate information and to solicit ideas.
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the address is noouz news4's tracee wilkins talked to voters about gray becoming the new mayor of the district. >> reporter: he has won more than half the city's vote beating out mayor adrian fenty four years after fenty won in every district. despite our differences, i know well that adrian fen shares our commitment to this city. so please join me in applauding and thanking him for his record of service to the people of the dtrict of columbia. >> reporter: fenty, the youngest mayor in d.c. history, started getting resistance from voters oriole in his campaign with many claiming the mayor had become aloof, disconnected. in some ways, arrogant. >> he looked down on people. instead of communicating with the people. >> reporter: these residents say his character and policies are
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what changed the vote this time. >> t me he was disappointing. certain areas they work with with people and the rest get lost in the shuffle. >> reporter: this rning they expressed their disappointment. >> i think he has done a good job and it is too bad that beuse he is considered too abrasive, that's not a good enough reason. >> i'm pretty disappointed. the whole campaign was kind of disappointing. >> reporter: as the polls predicted, gray's supported predominantly african-american parts of the city east of the river helped to carry the candidate. but he vowed to be a uniter. >> now it's time for us to look forward. and how we can work to unite great city. so that every resident has not only a voice but has arole in tackling the challenge that's we face ahead. >> he and vincent grey, the democratic nominee for mayor, is saying next phase is to prepare
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for the election on november 2. barring any major write-in candidate, he is expected to win that seat. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. the third time ithe charm for former state delegate baker. baker won the democratic primary in prie george's county for the seat of county executive. baker won 44% of the vote to beat out four other ntenders. he said he would reach out especially in the areas of education, economic development and public safety. >> as county execute, i want to start by saying that the part of transparency i want people to see. we're going out to the public. wee going to reach out and make sure they're involved i shaping the legislation for the county. >> no republicans ran for county executive inrince george's county meaning bake her likely win the nember general election. he said he is looking forward to working prince george's and other new lawmaker them include
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five new councilmembers, a new sheriff, and a new state's attorney. you can see all the primary results online. to go in other news, a teenager is fine and the man accused of holding her hostage is in the hospital after a 9-hour stand-off in prince george's county. the drama started yesterday evening along richie burrell road. family members said they stormed into the home of his ex-girlfriend. they say at one point eight were being held hostage. police surrounded the house. the ordeal eded when the suspect shot himself. autrities say he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. a d.c. fire truck collided into a metro b in northwest d.c. this morning. the accident happene here at 14th and madison near rock creek park at about 10:15. the fire truck was responding to pedestrian accident on 13th and madison when it collided into the metro bus. all 18 people aboard the bus including the driver and four
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firefighters from the truck were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the fire department tell us, the fire truck's lights and sirens weron but a resident from 14th street says he heard the fire truck sirens only seconds before the crash. >> usually i can hear from 16th street coming dn. i saw the bus moving. i saw the bus right away. and i heard -- like in 15 seconds of smash. >> the fire department is investigating the crash. the pedestrian the truck was @ responding to was taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. a montgomery county police officer was involved in a two-car accident this morning. here's a look from chopper 4. the accident happened ad redland road and crabs branch way at 9:35. police stay ofcer was in a marked cruiser. post office delivery truck was also involved. details are not yet clear about what caused the accident. the officer was taken to the
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hospital suffering minor injuries. smoke caused two metro stations to close for about an hour this morning. service on the red line at gallery place, chinatownnd metro station closed around 10:00. investigators say debris in a vent shaft caused tat smoke. >> let's get the word on traffic now on this wednesday as people head home. >> ashly behind the wheel in the traffic network. >> reporter: we are staingov with añi big prblem. 30 want to in both directions as we approach. serious accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer s coveri up the roadway. big delays throughout waldorf and northbound, we only have one right lane squeezing by. a little bit closer to home around the capital ltway. we have our delays. that's the inner loop that will be could be jessed. pretty much after the american legion bridge. now starting on the american legion bridge. the delays will now begin out of tyson for inner loop drivers and that will be the end point for ouer loop drivers.
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slow and steady per the usual at this time. if you're making your trip along 270, here is the pace beyond montrose road. tu bad but a little -- t too heavy. you've got delays. 270 north is jammed up from montgomery village, off and . you can seeñr there, finally smooth sailing all the way toward frederick. pat and jim, back to you. >> thanks, ashley. time for the first forecast. we could have some changes by week's end, folks. >> veronica, what about that? >> that mean a good thing. maybe a little chance of rain coming our way which we'll talk about later today. more sunshine across the area. temperature in the mid 80s. we've got pollen flowing around. at least the rag weed. we'll talk about that in a moment. we'll get the temperature throughout the area. we're at 85 degrees. it is 84 right now in la plat you folks around fairfax, franconia and marysville at 84 degree
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ashland at 85 degrees. in montgomery county. so today we've got high pressure, a front just down to the south. we do have another front that's going to be moving in. and it will possibly give some of us a little bit of much needed rainfall. the mid 70s. 70 degrees by 1100 p.m. the sun sets today at 7:16. the rag weed is high. we've got a chance of rai but it could be fading. meanwhile, in the forecast, how long is this dryñr trend that we've been in going to stic around? and take a look at this building this is right down the road. suitland, maryland. it is noaa's national facility. iot a chance to vits today. why? because we have so manyñr syste in the atlantic right now. we've got carl to talk about. it is a tropical storm. we've got igor, a hurricane, and hurricaneñi julia. the significance of this system coming up. >> all right. we'll see y then. it is not clear yet when
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american hiker sarah shourd may return to the u.s. one day after being released from an iranian prison, she sa she cannot enjoy her freedom until her two american companions are also freed. the state department is also pushing for the release of the remaining two hikers. andrea mitchell reports from tehran. >> reporter: sarah shourd is a free woman after flying from iran on a private jet owned by the government of an. her fiance, shane bauer and their friend josh fattal remain in prison and they will be tried on charge of espionage despite their claims that theyere innocent hikers crossing an unmarked border more than a year ago. >> i feel myself, i have a huge debt to refaye world for what it has done for me. may first priority is to help my fiance shane bauer and my friend josh fattal to gain their freedom.
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they don't deserve to be in prison anymore. >> the u.s. government is challenging iran's president to release the two men. in fact, he gave crowley, the state department skesman, has tweeted a challenge to president mahmoud ahmadinejad to bring the men to new york when he comes to the assembly next week. ahmadinejad is planning to come to new york and deliver a major sech to the under general assembly that challenge on social media, tweeted by the state department spokesman is the latest tit for tat between the united states and iran. back to you. news4 at 4:00 is just getting started. we've got a consumer alert for parents. a reca at chuck e. cheese. >> the fda gives green light for a device that freezes your fat. how about these seats? with just3 inches of space. and an unusual rescue caught on tape. the rescue of a pet camel here in the u.s.
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take a good look and listen to this. thats the roaring sound of a camel. the animal's owner says it fell into a sinkhole on a property near portland, of all places. firefighters were able to use ropes and straps to full animal to safety. veterinarians checked out the camel at t scene. they say it appearso be okay. you know, he's a little spooked though. general motors is retooling on star toffer a wider variety of services. gm says on star will still enhance safety and security but can also be used for info at th same time. for exale, it will be able to read text messages out loud to drivers so you won't to have take your eyes off the road. and you will be able to update
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facebook status updates in your car. they said they are still working out all the details. meanwhile, twitter users are finding a newñi look and a new site design today. users stay newome page has the distinctive twitter feel but has several new features. for example, an expand side bar on the rit with geo location g tweets and embedded pictures and videos. the co-founder and ceo of twitter said the new design will offer users a better way to get more out of theite in less time. chuck e. cheese, the child oriented pizza chain is recalling items for children. they include light-up rings and star glasses. they said children can wall is tow child batteries inside the products. the light-up rings were given away as gifts between april of last year and june of this year. the glasses between april and
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august of this year,ñr consumer can return the items to any chuck e. cheese and get a refund in cash or prizes. oscar winning actor denzel washington is helping to offer a new initiative. he is partnering th the boys and girls club of america. the group is call on every american to intervene in the life of a young person. washington is an alumni of the boys and girls club. he said something club employees said to him when he is 9 years old helped him make a difference. >> he said to me, young man work the smarts you hav youan do anything you want to do. it was a small thing to say but i've never forgotten it. i'm 55 years old. i never forgot. i never even thought of that. i can do anything i want to do. >> it is estimated, about 90% of children involved with the boys and girls club get a high school ploma.
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melting away the pounds may sn get simpler. the fda approved two devices. one deflates the cell, the other destroys them. neither device requires surgery. there isn't a single incision. the full effects may take weeks to months to notice. nbc's chief medical editor says there is a catch. >> it is not for people who want to lose weight, it is the next generation of the tenology. it is probably going to supersede liposuction. it is for changing the contour of a body, not just for getting rid of people who don'tike the fat. >> nothing to do with health. this is aesthetics pure and simple. >> if could you suck out the fat around the organs on the inside, this is not it. >> she adds that these are not procedures most insurance company will cover and they cost thousands. two diet drugsre being
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evaluated this week by advisers to the food and drug administration. today an fda panel voted and it is split on withdrawing the die pill meridia. it has been sold in the u.s. for more than a decade now but it has been linked to higher rates of heart attack and stroke in patients with heart disease. one possible recommendation would be to pull meridia off the market. another would be to strengtn its warning label. tomorrow the advers will consider whether a new diet drug should be approved. time nor for -- we have a lesson in the kitchen to make everybody hungry. >> here's an easy way to make delicious almond cookies. >> i'm from the "washington post." this is quick bites. we have a big cookie for you. the temperature he been dipping which for those of us who like to bake mean we can finally turn on our ovens again.
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what we call an almond sheri cookie. what you do is you make a very simple dough that has almond flour and regular flour and butter and almond extract and vanilla and sugar and you sort of loosely pack it in there. it sort of come together in the oven. sometimes it can be a little tricky getting these out. i'm going to show you one of my tricks. you justñi take a glass. you can also he's a tall can of tomatoes or anhing that has at least for or five inches tall. you set the tart on it. you let the ring kind of fall away. so you break the pieces off into however big a piece of want. you can lay in it here on the platt platter. or you can grab whatever you want d eat it.
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>> you know i'm grabbing the biggest piece. >> it looks really tasty. coming up, an american airline employee gets busted for stealing stuff from passenger plus veronica will be back to tell us wha to expect the rest of the week. and for the weekend.
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you took a field trip today, veronica. >> yeah. every now and then it's nice to do a field trip. two hurricane we haven't seen since 1926, i believe. 1926, ñiseptember, two hush. i visited the facility. it is called noaa's satellite operations facility. all those satellite dishes th are on the top. all the satellite information that we use as broadcasters, national weather service, accu-weathr, everywhere. most of that information is processed out of that building right there before it goes out and is distributed. >> who knew? i have never seen video of that. that's cool. >> ah. ere i am talking to thomas on
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the roof. we've got a sound bite from him, too. on the importance of that particular building. the satellites, that's our eye in the sky 24/7. so we have got a sound bite. maybe we don't have it. >> we're here in maryland, the noaa satellite facility. this building we command and control all the satellite that's are used for forecasting. noaa satellite that's we have, two stations areolo orbiting. the data is used by forecasters, by the noaa hurricane cter and the public and private stor l around the world to help with tracking theñi of storm. >> including broadcast meteorologists. >> 24/7. it is an invaluable service we provide to everyone to make better forecasts. >> yeah. that was igor there in the background. our first visual rresentation showing that there is an actual
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storm system developing come from satellite information. we'll talkore about why it is so critical. >> right from our own backyard. let's see what's going on right now. 85 degrees, the temperature. about what we were yesterday. look at the rag weed count. it is high at 23. grains per cubic meter, wee been running above average. if you have a little raspy throat, you've been coughing, sneezing, it is because of the rag weed. and we have delays it is breezy. here's the forecast for the overnight period by 11:00 p.m. then into the mid 60s, upper s, 5:00 to 7:00 a.m., we will be picking up some clouds from a weather system that will be moving into the area. it is far to the west right now. we need rain. look at areas of western maryland. eastern west virginia. extremely dry conditions. then coming right through areas of culpeper, rappahannock county, severely dry conditions
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through northern neck. we need at rain. chantilly, virginia, just over a half inch of rain and close to an inch in thurmont, maryland. 92, the temperature in raleigh, north carona. some warm ai to the south and west. that's because of the warm front. as it comes through the area tomorrow, temperature, folks, will be añi little higher and a rainfall from this weather system will not come until we getto very late thursday night. that front dries up as it makes its way eastward. 78, dropping to sfeex your morning, 59 to 64. it is going to be nice tomorrow morning again. 87, the high for tomorrow. again, possible shower late. here's a look at your four-day forecast. no more chae of any rain after that. the weekend is looking dry. we need the rain. getting awfully dry around here. we'll talk more about those satellites. >>ove the cool nights. >> very nice. ot whole lot more. the salahis reveal a secret in theirew book. the gap beten men and
4:27 pm
women is the smallest it has ever been. a report on women's pay is comg up. plus, a pilot pulled out of th cockpit for being drunk. !%
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> welcome back to news4 at 4:00. >> here's what's happening in the news at 4:30. d.c.'s likely next mayor said he has already begun his effort to bring the city back together following a grueling campaign. d.c. council chair vincent gray making playing victory over adrianfenty in the early morning hours. he announce ad series have town hall meetings to gather ideas from city residents. >> riht now d.c. fire and crews are trying to figure out how one of their buses collided with a
4:31 pm
metro bus this morning. it happened at 13 and mdison street in northwest tfl fire truck was responding to a pedestrian accident that happened a block away from the collision. >> the mothers of two american hikers still detained in iran sa they hope their sons will be released soon. yesterday sarah shourd was released after more than 13 months in custody. she plan to see a doctortoday in amman, jordan. her mother said she had medical problems. stocks pushed higher today despite some mixed economic news n manufacturing and production. the dow extended its september rally with a 46-point gain. the nasdaq was up 12 points. the s&p 500 gained 4. for the first time ever, women outnumber men in the american workplace. this is the wage gap between men nd women is the smallest it has ever been. but michelle kosinski reports these gains for women may be coming at the expense of men who make up the majority in t unemployment line. across america, women are
4:32 pm
more than ever, a work force to be recned with. making head way against the relentless wage gap by earning almost 83 cents to every dollar earned by a man. ten years ago, it was 76. in 1979, 62 cents. >> makes it sound pretty good. >> reporter: the 22-year-old nurse in miami found success in an in demand career. she is in the age group of single womennow earning more. 8% more than young single men in most of america's big cities. >> women are earning more because they're better educated so they can get better okay payings with higher wage. they're taking less time off during child bearing years. and there has been a decline in gender discrimination. >> reporter: look at the last three decades. wage for white women have risen 33%. 25 for black women, 18 f hispanic. for men they've only risen 3% for whites, not at all for black men, and have fallen 6% for
4:33 pm
hispanics. in chicago, 33-year-old corporate lawyer deirdre is climbing the ladder steadily but looking back at her male downer parts. >> i've encountered more african-american female attorney than male attneys. >> reporter: women have weathered the economy better, health care, education, fields full of female workers have actually grown in the recession. but manufacturing, construction, dominated by men, have been among the hardest hit. that affects women, too. >> women are more likely to be the primary or the only bre winner for the family right now. >> reporter: in new york, 38-year-old doctor and mother knows it is a balance. >> we have expect bagsz taking care of children and home care. we really need men to step up to the plate. >> now experts stay economy has helped propel women to be the majority of american workers. more men in the elds like manufacturing which has been hurt by the recession.
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women are likely to work in government, healtcare and education, which are among safest in a downturn. passengers on board a delta airlines flight finally are on their way to new jersey after the pilot was arrested. yesterday the pilot was busted in the netherlands and the flight was canceled. a tip led dutch police arrest the man in the cokpit. police stay pilate registered a .023 blood alcohol content on the breathalyzer could not ten. .02 is the legal litn the netherlands. europe has one of the toughest drunk driving laws. that pilot has been suspended.ñi an americanirline employee in texas in some ho water for allegedly stealing from passengers. denmark, he was a maintence worker at dallas ft. worth, international. investigators say they tracked a stolen laptop computer to his texas home and took him into custody last night. thorities say they also found thousands o dollars i cameras, ipods and other items in the
4:35 pm
home. even airline property. the workerçó is nowree bond. he i the second americ airlines worker arrested for stealing from passengers at the dallas airport in just the last month. there's more to come on news4 at 4:00. a florida city plan to warn women if their men are busted for trying to get prostitutes. plus the need to look lean and muscular is turning into an obsession. sarah azier drops by with the hot talk for us.
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now we know where all that great video and the other images come from in our own backyard. >> the secret isout. >> most of those, right downhe road. noaa's satellite operations facility. i went to it today. hears more from thomas o how critical that data is. especially for tracking tropical systems, hurricanes.
4:39 pm
>> this is critical for protection of property, warnings. 24/7. the first image, for example, for hurricanes that a person in the public would see to help them warn, to evacuate. the satellite data used 24/7, is used in a forecast model, hurricane models, every day models, the forects they put out every day. >> those models that he's talking about, that's the guidance we look at to put together the forecast. the beer the satellite data gets, the better our forecast will get. we're not just talking about tracking hurricanes but other thing as well. the next generation will be out very soon. satellites in ace, by the way, the size of a school bus. it takes about six years to build one of those. take a look at these satellite imges. they're looped together. this system hear, that is karl. it made landfall over the southern yucatan. it is moving to the west and will reemerge. that's igor, añlcategory 4.
4:40 pm
it will moving dangerously close to bermuda, coming up at the end of the week. we're going to get some rough seas from it. friday, saturday, sunday. then we've got julibehind it. i have to tell u, the atlantic has not seen two category 4 hurricanes simultaneously since going all the way back to 1926. he's more on that track of igor here. ou can see how close it gets just to the east. that at the end of the weekend. the first part of next week. then you have julia. it will head to the north but pretty active in the tropics. glad that they're staying pretty far from the east coast. the forecast tomorrow morning, 64 to 67 degrees. the high tomorrow, 87. so seven-day forecast. a little heat for tomorrow. cooling down for the weekend. we're not goi to get much rain at all from that front that comes through. our best chance is tomorrow night. >> all rht. we're waiting for it. thanks, veronica. when news4 at 4:00 continues th afternoon, the worst songs
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of all time, acrding to the most recent list. and women are no longer alone at the cosmetic counters. why men are now hanging out there as well. plus the smallest seats ever on an airplane. we'll show you the sky rider when we come right back. ♪
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clear all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keepg the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and eas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.
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think airline seats can't get any smaller? you haven't seen the new sky rider ating system. >> saddle up. the italian company that created it is hoping it willake off. the sky rider seats resemble saddles. passengers rest on them, not quite sitting an not quite standing either. because they are smaller, airline can fit 40% more passenger on each flight. the sky rider system is meant for flights of two hours or less tharks goodness. if you're too heav or too tall, the company says this isn't for you. so far not a single airline has signed up for the sky rider.
4:45 pm
>> they look a little like jump seats. >> they look uncomfortable. >> cramped. a new book reveals sbeekts the white house party crasher from the house wives of d.c. >> it says michaele salahi has multiple sclerosis and that's why she is so thin. it says a bad spell forced her and her husband to make an early departure from that white house state dinner that year. they also talk about their brief conversaons they had with president barack obama that evening. the bookwent on sale today. the worst songs ever on the radio. and men are hitting the beauty sle. >> and what is jim-arexia? let's start with the cosmetics counter. >> not just for women anymore. men want in.
4:46 pm
>> yeah. >> foundation, clinique has claunched a new fall line for men. it is all men foundation. it is to cover up-- men are complaining about bag under their eys. everyone is tired. so now you can get concealer. and they're going with name like cross trainer league. >> oh, please! to maket a little less embarrass wlug go to the downer? >> i need cross trainer make-up. >> i like that. >> don't you love it? >> it's cool. >> everybody is in on that. >> speaking of gym, is it for guys or girls? >> it a new term being coined for men. we'll picky back on this trend with guys. men are becoming addicted to the gym and feeling the same anxiety. like an an recollect i can't if they -- anorexia if the don't go. they say they're addicted to their trainer. they're compulsively weighing themselves. a lot of gyms are coining it
4:47 pm
jim-orexia. they say you can have the same side effects as anorexia. it is really affecting people. my gym has scales all over the place. >> are you addicted? >> do i get on the scale every time i go. which is like once a month. >> be careful! >> actually, forget it. >> let's changeñi our tune here. finally the top 100 worst songs are out. we don't expect you to know all 100. give us the top four. >> oh, boy. we are familiar with the top four. number four on the list was ricky marine, she bangs. if you've heard it, it is awful no matter what form. vanilla ice was number three. who let the dogs out. i'm sure you've heard that one. and number onerom the "jersey shore." holly d? beat to beat is his new song. and it is pretty bad. i think it has like two lyrics.
4:48 pm
he just goes beat to beat. >> it is number one. it wasn't out long. that's pretty bad. and it is already the worst. >> these other song that we won't be able to get off our mind. pat likes not the ricky martin version. >> i like the other version. if you are the only woman i know who likes william hung. >> i should say it's entertaining. that's more accurate. >> i know what i'm getting you for christmas. he came out with a full album of that. >> he has a video, o. >> great to see you. we'll be listening in tomorrow. coming up, a special ride for the pope.
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4:51 pm
pope benedict xvi is the owner of two new motorcycles. the company presented the pope with e new bikes today.
4:52 pm
and don't expect to see the pope tooling down the streets of rome on one of these. they will be used by his security detail. the bips are papal colors. yellow and white. they were promptly used to lead his motorcade through his summer residence. >> the balmore orioles and toronto blue jays game last night had men of laughs. between innings, the jays' nterfielder vernon wells tripped coming out of the dugout. when he came back, his teammates created a body outline where the outfielder fell. the orioles won 11-they. >> got to have a little fun somemes. still ahead on news4, a plan to stop men from getting prostitutes, at least try. we've got winners and losers after last night's primaries. we'll bring you all coverage. plus, eight people health hostage after a gunman break up with one of the victims. we'll hear from the people who
4:53 pm
were caught in the middle. fighting the flu, a new vaccine tested in our areañi thatñi cou offer lifetime protection against all strains. parents may want to think twice before complaining about the kids spending too much time on the computer. researchers say it may makeour children smarter. those stories are
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police in daytona beach, florida, have a new solution to prostitution. if you get caught, a letter with all the details is sent to the suspect's home. >> reporter: it is likely dozens of households have already been disrupted by this letter in the mail. dear mr. doe. onuch and such a date you were arrested for trying to solicit a prostitute. it a crime, strktly enforced, it is dangerous and can spread
4:57 pm
disease. girlfriends and wives tell us they would be none too happy to be on the receiving end this. >> i would be very upset. definitely very upset. yes. i would. >> i would be -- i would be -- in divorce court. >> reporter: the police prostitution stings got a lot of attention aer a well known football coach was arrested two weeks ago, he made headlines for days. the very next week, dozens more men were caugh up. so police think a letter home might be a more effective message. alerting those around the suspes that prostitution is not a victimless cri. they could become a victim because the other spouse is out there doing something that they wasn't supposed to be doing. >> i would be calling a divorce lawyer. you would have proof in your hand right there. >> reporter: along with the letter, police include a brochure thatalk about eventually transmitted diseases. police are hoping the threat of humiliation and embarrassment will go a long way toward curbing prostitution in t
4:58 pm
city. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. a political shake-up in our nation's capital. four years after winning every precinct in the district, febty. and good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. a few surprises in decision 2010. we begin with mayor. if final numbers put vin send gray on top winning 54%. to mayor fenty's 45%. more on last night's victory and what it means come november. tom? >> jim gray won convincingly. today he reached out to the people who voted against him.
4:59 pm
it was early wednesday morning when vincent gray claimed victory. >> thank you, district of columbia! >> reporter: just hours later, the next mayor of the district, the november 2 election is a formality. quickly reached out to the largely white population that voted overwhelmingly for adrian fenty and fears he won't be as aggressive on school reform and other issu. >> to earn the support of those people who did not vote for us in yesterday's election. let me assure everybody, also, that we're not going to be turning back any clocks on school reform. we're going to be moving full speed ahead. >> reporter: the 67-year-old from the d.c. counciled said he would meet with michelle rhee to see if they can work together. but it is expected she will leave. only the timing being uncertain. gray said he talked with and meets with fenty.

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